River, Boat and Classroom!!!

Isn’t it interesting, you studied in a college which is built by the river bank and the river is the partition of two countries, separated in 1947? Yes,Taki Government College is a historic education foundation, built by the river bank of Ichhamati which is the partition of India and Bangladesh. The college is a heritage founded in 15th September, 1950.

It was my graduation days, I can remember the three difficult years of my life, obtaining a Bachelors of Arts Degree. I had a very tough time spent studying English literature in the below classroom.

THe Classroom

The Classroom, I studied English Literature for three years during my graduation.  Vikram Roy © Copyright 2015

You can see the almost blurred, foggy land by the opposite direction of Ichhamati river and that is Bangladesh got independence from pakistan in 1971 after a historical battle named Bhasha Andolon (ভাষা আন্দোলন).

The River

The foggy land by the opposite side of the river Ichaamati, is Bangladesh. Vikram Roy © Copyright 2015

Ichhamati is the river that has potential connection between Bangladesh and India. The LOC (Line of Control) has divided the river into two parts. The Sundarbans Reserve Forest is an on boat adventure tourism attraction, starts from Taki through a boat journey into Ichhamati river and spend night at the Sundarbans Tiger Camps built inside the forest full of Bengal Tigers.

The Boat

These boats take visitors to the Sundarbans Tiger Camps. Vikram Roy © Copyright 2015

I studied through a dark age, nostalgic memories and I became a Bachelors of Arts from Taki Government College in 2008. I saw bad politics, student unions, turmoil, and collapse of University of Calcutta’s education system.

It was a time when I decided to left West Bengal for good. After seven years I came back to visit Taki Government College and claimed my B.A. Degree Certificate. Still nothing has been changed and I saw how professors in the desk sitting idle, students are shouting political slogans, clerks are late, and no discipline inside the classroom.

Taken with Lumia Selfie, with Arnab Mondal my class friend.

Taken with Lumia Selfie, with Arnab Mondal, we studied together at Taki Govt. College.

Always love,

Vikram Roy

Can you Imagine Life without Promising Cab Service in Bangalore?

Bangalore is the number one living destination in India for the smart and intelligent people. Here daily life depends on dedication, hard work, and punctuality. Only one problem in the city is the Traffic Jam. Bangalore’s well known public areas like Majestic, Silk Board, Koramangala, Banashankari, Bommanahalli, Electronic City, HAL, etc. are highly crowded during office hours.

This issue can not be solved immediately because the intercity transportation options are very limited. Namma Metro or ‘Our Metro’ project is going on which will take a lot of time to cover up the entire city under the metro rail service. Indian metro cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, have multiple intercity transportation options. In different cities, Public Transportation, Metro Rail, Intercity Railway, Tram, and Ferry Boats are popular services. Especially in Kolkata all five transportation options are very popular. But Bangalore is totally depending on diesel, gas and petroleum vehicles. Here people can miss out a university exam, office meeting, school event, million dollars business deal, train, flight, seminar, etc. just because of traffic delay. The value of time is always very important. We can miss a lot if we fail to reach in time. Here, premium cab service in Bangalore come to our rescue.

Here 24/7 cab service is available on call. Ola cabs, Uber, Taxi for Sure, Meru, Airport Taxi, are quite a few of them. The car rental companies sometimes cannot take bookings because of overload of their service.

Premium Cab Service Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Premium Cab Service Photo Credit: Wikipedia

I had a critical experience with a popular cab service provider in Bangalore. Albeit I booked a cab one day in advance, but they were not able to provide me a cab on time. They told that they don’t have any cab available at my location at that moment. In such situation, I needed alternative contacts of cab service in Bangalore. I don’t like to take a risk at the last moment of my journey. I got many good options and smooth AC cab service in Bangalore. I experience safe and hassle free travel.

One more important fact is the limitations of baggage you can carry inside a cab. Sometimes you may have some extra baggage. In such situation, you need proper communication at the time of booking cab. In fact, drivers can not allow more baggage inside the cab because of traffic rules. You shall call customer support help desk to clarify such issue. You can get Bangalore cab service customer support numbers from online directories and yellow pages. Also, drivers are very co-operative, you shall ask them to connect the help desk executives and clarify any issue over the phone. Overall cab service in Bangalore is promising and they do help to reach the destination on time.

Welcome Aboard to ‘Do Right’ and See A Magical Transformation!

For the last two decade, India has developed well. We developed in business, international relation, technology, banking, health, and education. But still the question arise, is that enough development happened in this second largest populace of the world?

Look at the GDP, general statistics like education, health and malnutrition, the answer figures are horrific than one can ever imagine. We are not able to protect the child labors, illiterate street kids, and bring them to the school. Government helping them in terms of creating new laws, providing mid-day meals, education for all program, #ScholarShip etc. Then why this illiteracy is still hunting our progress? Because there is no significant awareness about the most of the programmes.

Mr. Ajeet Singh, a Do Righter started a magical transformation that will give the children an ideal learning environment. Here I come to know about Varanasi’s unique boat school & how they are keeping children off the streets of Varanasi? I became surprised. It’s a complete learn and fun environment which indeed children deserve. The success of this programme that I wish. Hope people who love India and want to see this progress must donate for this cause.

Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in the world. Millions of pilgrims come all around the world to see this place every year. People love the holy river Ganga. Last 20 years the Ganges has been found over polluted by the cities of the river banks. To protect the Ganges and its people we need necessary awareness and education to the young generation who are the future citizens of this holy land. Hope Varanasi’s unique boat school idea can help us to save the Ganges and it’s people.

Varanasi's unique boat school  Photo Credit http://doright.in

Varanasi’s unique boat school Photo Credit http://doright.in

This dream can not come true without us. To succeed this good social cause, our contribution and support is required to give the children of the Ganges the learning environment they deserve. Unique boat school is an ideal education program. Researchers have come up with the conclusion to take forward this boat school idea. It’s time to act now and ‘Do Right‘.

Tata Capital Limited is one of India’s leading financial service providers and a direct subsidiary of Tata Sons Limited. TATA Capital took an initiative to support Varanasi’s unique boat school and help this harbour of learning to see a magical transformation. This noble cause can fulfill the dreams of so many innocent children who deserves the education and a bright future. It is time to Do Right by helping and donate for this cause. To read the whole story and donate, please visit: www.doright.in

Feel free to like Journey of Doing Right all across their social media channels and share the cause:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tatacapital

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tatacapital

Instagram: https://instagram.com/tatacapital/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TataCapitalLtd

Use the hashtag: #india4india and raise your voice.

Act Today, “Do Right“!

Weekend Catch #3 UB City The Collection at Bangalore.

The series about Bangalore city limits must visit so far continued. This time I went to the UB City, The Collection Mall, which is located in the heart of Bangalore, India. This mall is located by the pavement of Bangalore skyscrapers that I posted earlier. Built and owned by two companies UB Group and the Prestige Group. The interior architecture of this mall is ultra modern. There are delicious food courts and wine shops inside. Possibly one of the perfect place for shopping, boozing and fun. Oh! There is a large amphitheatre stage inside which occasionally is used for organising special events.


Photo: Amphitheatre stage inside UB City, The Collection by Vikram Roy © Copyright 2015


Photo: UB City, The Collection Built by UB Group and the Prestige Group. Photo Credit Vikram Roy © Copyright 2015


Photo: Decorations menus inside The Collection, Photo Credit Vikram Roy © Copyright 2015


Photo: Entrance Gate, Photo Credit Vikram Roy © Copyright 2015


Photo: Outside the entrance UB City The Collection, Photo Credit Vikram Roy © Copyright 2015


Photo: A LV brand shopping center at UB City The Collection, Photo Credit Vikram Roy © Copyright 2015


Photo: Opposite to the UB City The Collection, A new shop being constructing, Photo credit Vikram Roy © Copyright 2015

I had less time to explore more. As I understand the place has lot of secrets inside. The luxury calls at Bangalore. You must visit the place to discover them.

Always love!!!

Vikram Roy