Sister Pseudo: A Story About Vikram Roy

“What is life like in Bangalore, India, for a 26 year old bachelor? We had a catch up with one of our network members, Vikram, to chat about life in his city, whiskey, and the men who style cows… ” Sister Pseudo Consulting, London, UK

An interview story on Vikram Roy published by Sister Pseudo Consulting, London, UK 2014

An interview story on Vikram Roy published by Sister Pseudo Consulting, London, UK 2014



An ideal weekend in Bangalore is all about wandering around and checking out cool restaurants, music cafes, hotels, and shopping centres. There are endless cool places all around Bangalore. It’s a youthful city with good universities. I usually prefer to hang out around the central city arena, the Café Coffee Day, near UB City, is a great place to hang out. The place is cool to meet friends from all over Bangalore city. I love the coffee in Bangalore, but hate the traffic jams.

There’s some interesting things happening in Bangalore right now. The most interesting project is called Namma Metro (Our Metro). The metro rail project has been under construction for the last three years and it’s expected to start from 2016. Bangalore is expanding rapidly. The government declared an initiative to build an outer ring road too. This might not seem interesting, but it is going to make a big difference to our daily lives, as traffic and congestion is a real issue in India.

There are so many interesting characters in the city. There is a vagabond group that has a peculiar profession. I call them ‘Cowmen’. They take a cow, put nice clothes on it, and go door-to-door to collect rice, fruits and money. They are traditional spiritual people. Then there is a guy called Vijay Mallya. Many scandals follows him but people seem to forget everything because he has become one of the richest men in Bangalore by selling beer.


An advertising campaign that I thought was amazing was for a brand called Woodland Shoes. I really liked their tagline;

‘I Never Realized Where I was Walking, Until The Crack Gave Way.’

However, I really disliked the advertising for a brand of condoms, ‘Manforce Coffee Condoms’.The model in this advertising campaign is a porn film actress. It seems an indirect promotion of the porn industry in India, and considering the international spotlight that has been on India in recent times relating to gender equality, ….




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How Far We Can Rely on Broadcast and Print Media?

Do you still trust anymore on radio, television, magazines and newspapers? Once upon a time it was print and broadcast media designed the blueprint of modern revolutionary society. These, one way communication systems ruling more than a century, created many wonders; also betrays human ethics for many times. We lost identical local cultures and adopt artificial closed door events due to mediocre false media environment.

Entertainment goes under control by few decision makers. Media politics worked like drugs; easy to get addicted and causing an unproductive society. Media delivers endless ideas but it doesn’t tells, how to apply? Even being educated, people don’t know what is good for the society. People knowing new things daily basis and do believe the facts. This disability is one of the boneless disease spreading on air. People have no guts to turn televised ideas into reality. Time proved once again that technology people develop for good causes being misused after some time. And this time it is about the control of the knowledge.

The only way to change this poisons environment is by standing against the one way media. The one way media that designed to create a dumb society. Here audience do not share their opinion and lost themselves from day to day. Be careful you are not becoming a victim of such mass media. People, based out of their daily available society should learn how to respect their own tradition (e.g. food, dress, language, culture,  occupation etc.). So, media taught to think beyond but doesn’t teach how to cross the line of experience.

Self Help, Confidence, Importance

Walk on Liberal Thinking, Don’t Trust on Media without Investigating the Fact. Painting by Vikram Roy © Copyright 2013

A research study is saying most of the Television viewer’s feels the luckiest because they think that they are one of the few lucky viewers of that particular show. They also feel like great achiever in taste of picking a show. The researchers also saying even the neighbour is watching the same show but feels superior at the same time of his selection. The social scientists discover the truth that how media is harmful for the society and create superior complexity and increase distance between the friends, relatives or neighbours. The pseudo media environment based on newspaper, magazine and television creating celebrity controlled society, is causing several damage into the society as well as effecting our personal relations. Obviously, the topic is good for a long run debate but media people are practicing an ugly experiment.

Don’t become a couch potato, just because you lost your ideas by getting media addicted. One way media left no choice than watching television or reading newspapers. Why not check the outdoor world! Several electronic and social groups are available to listen to our ideas and give chance to speak out our mind. I, become used to with two way communication media (e.g. Local cultural groups, social workers, meet bloggers, watch online videos, comment, like and dislike etc.) Broadcast and print media is poisoning the society by dominating one way communication system. I believe, educated youth don’t rely on the one way media. The day has come when we should value our own ideas rather than asking others by false quality assurance

People Believe in Luxury: The “Ground Control” Theory!

We, the working class people in public sectors, entertainment, politics, marketing, education, medical, PR, sales, laws, media, etc. the entire skilled pretenders “the innocent liars!” We are devoted in thinking differently the same different things. Latest survival policy is designed for those people who are capable of keeping secrets hidden from the society.

Bangalore Now A Days Photographed by Vikram Roy © Copyright 2013

Bangalore Now A Days Photographed by Vikram Roy © Copyright 2013

Capitalism = Cubism; it is like Picasso’s free style modern art ruined the classic art tradition. Modern art is politicized by sales, marketing, and media publicize. The incapable middle class is responsible for growing consumption of media hypocrisy. We believe in what media says in luxurious news packaging.  We engulfed to trust on what dominators contaminate to make us believe? In a recent sport drink marketing promotion one marketer asked me “Do you think breaking rule is important?” My mild response to her was, “No, I think improving the existing rule is more important”. Now suppose your laptop’s DVD drive is not functioning and you need some backup. What do you do? You replace a new drive or repair the old one or throw the laptop?

How satellites involve our everyday life? We don’t bother about, because we are ordinary. People control the space knows the depth of knowledge in on the ground. I was listening to David Bowie’s 1969 song “Space Oddity” where “this is Major Tom to ground control”, makes very basic sense that intelligent people are controlling activities of others. Not relating with corporate citizenship flotation; talking about micro existence policy, how a lower income man is getting responsible of making the life difficult for similar of his own category?

We, the people are victim of celebrity gossips, symbolic peace, politics, religion, economic empowerment, media illusions, fake doctors, mad scientists, and under-study medicines. We boost our general knowledge about all fabricated illustrated stories but not the transparent truth.

Understanding the pain points of the society and then addresses it by using innocent faces to empathize the mass who are listening attentively to the broadcasters to know the unknown secret massage encrypted with complete lies. This is the era of viral marketing strategy is applicable to internet, entertainment, advertising and news industry. As we call it “paid media” to make successful fake news, FMCG, fast food business, packaged products, telecom and satellite related business models. Concurrently manufacturers are trying to abolish all natural products.

What creative directors say? “The packaging is not looking very attractive, use bright colours and write an emotional tagline…  People are always being mesmerized by emotional words with bright colors!” A simple trust of attractive packaging might great inside!

How global news agencies refine news articles to inject poison into the society? How they channel fabricated stories through the local media and contaminate us? The truth is god heads have developed strategies to snatch the social run! God heads are fiscally strong enough to create a rapport to expose new ideas. I assume that both urban and rural markets are being observed like dissect laboratory frogs.

A few people are squeezing the hibernated society designing micro business strategies. The commoners are always involved in religious arguments, political disagreement, terrorism, and domestic violence. Life is too short in argument that they are not even realizing to get active before they are dying. Broadcast such news, TV series, movies to showcase “this is ideal life” is a continuous brainwash process working against the society.

Then, what is the active role played by the society? It seems they nominate fake leaders who betray their own people. Mouth shut! Better I should bother about my daily breakfast, work, lunch and dinner. The same is applicable to the rich who are living in luxury and don’t bother about twisted society! “Hey Vikram, what the nonsense you are talking? Now will you please stop this bullshit?”

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What is the difference between ‘Lifestyle’ and ‘Luxury’?

Photographed by Vikram Roy © Copyright 2013

Photographed by Vikram Roy © Copyright 2013

Today I went for an evening walk at Shankey Tank at 5:30 PM, the correct timing. Thanks God! Every day I notice people very carefully. Their attitude, lifestyle, culture and behavior. A nice group discussion was going on some hours back. My colleagues think I live in an ideal world that doesn’t exist. I was speaking about the health and the lifestyle! How to improve yourself? They were giving me numerous examples of luxury. I was defending, trying to make a better understanding about lifestyle but getting confused to conclude a proper answer.

I was thinking during my walk, I gave an example, “How many laptops you can use at a time?” They answered, “Two”. My point of judgment to the social behavior and improve human lifestyle worked here. I come up with a conclusion!

I was not thinking deeply. As an example like ‘rich’ and ‘poor’, very common concept the rich becomes rich, and the poor becomes poor. One is benefited another one is being used. Sharing between the two extreme levels is complete fantasy. May be you can say, “Vikram is barking like a dog, blaming on the rich and protecting the poor. It doesn’t change anything.” Is it?

What is lifestyle?

Let me come directly to the point. A week ago I ordered a vacuum mug, the costliest one available in the market. Divya, one of my colleagues, made a point. In silhouette voice she asked, “Why you ordered a costly one?” Few hours back I was defending poor and now I have ordered the costliest vacuum mug. It creates a moral quandary that somehow I am also two faced like the celebrities and the business men. I just asked, “What is lifestyle?” The confusion is very natural because the cosmopolitan society teaches us the capitalistic marketing strategies, where the luxury means the lifestyle.

There is a sharp gap between these two words. It’s like a slice ray of light that separates the dark and the bright room.

Suppose you have earned money to buy yourself a luxury car. This luxury car was a dream to you. To buy this car you have worked every day for last five years. The word luxury is also attached with the car but should it be called as luxury? I say, it is lifestyle, it is not luxury. Then what is luxury?

First tell me, how many mobile phones you have changed in last three years? If your answer is more than six then it is luxury. How frequently you are having dinner in the costliest restaurants in your town? If it’s more than five days a week then it is luxury. How many cars do you have for your personal use? If it’s more than one at a time, then it is luxury?

Lifestyle is to improve our daily life. It is a practice of doing nice, cute, lovely things everyday to feel the happiness. Take care of your health, work out, proper food habit, cultural involvement, social causes, events, travelling, hobbies, recreation etc.

The point is related with consumption and buying behavior. If a person buys a property and then he can’t buy another immediately that means he just added an extra value in his daily lifestyle. I find no luxury in it because it is his basic requirement. But if a person is buying multiple similar object at a time and using only one then he is consuming without his basic need. It should be calling the luxury.

300: Rise of an Empire (2014) : A Review

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Yesterday evening I went to Inox J.P. Nagar, Central Mall, Bangalore to watch 300: Rise of an Empire. I wanted to experience the show in theater. Finally my dream fulfilled quite accidentally. Yesterday 17th of March, it was Holi festival in India. As usual, I left my office at 7:00 P.M. at the evening and reached to the movie hall just before five minutes of the show.

300 : Rise of an Empire is a strong sequel of 300, based on the Persian-Greco war. While legendary Spartan King Leonidas and his 300 soldiers into battle against the invading Persian army during the Battle of Thermopylae. According to legend, their valor and sacrifice inspired all of Greece to unite against the Persian foe, leading to the origins of democracy.

300: Rise of an Empire : A Review

300: Rise of an Empire : A Review

Rise of an Empire, is circulated on two major characters, Artemisia I of of Caria and Themistocles of Athens. The film shows Artemisia, a Greek country girl was captured and suffer ravish torture by Greek navy. Anyways she managed to escape and found by a noble Persian warrior. She learned how to fight in battlefield, and proved her generosity as a Persian woman navy commander. She wanted a revenge against her past hellish life experience with the Greek army. She led at the naval battle of Artemisium and the naval battle of Salamis.

During the battle of Salamis, she died fighting one and one against Themistocles.

300 : Rise of an Empire  : Review

300 : Rise of an Empire : Review

On the other side Themistocles of Athens, who is a politician and visionary to build united Greeks. Queen Gorgo was leading Sparta after her husband King Leonidas’s glorious death at the Battle of Thermopylae. Nobel by birth, Themistocles managed to convince Queen Gorgo to continue the battle against Xerxes I of Persia, who declared himself the God king. At the naval Battle of Salamis, Themistocles with his leadership ability, united the Greeks. Followed by his command and the Greeks managed to defeat the Persians.

The graphic-novel art was highly extraordinary. Slow motion, 3D effects, navy battle scenes at the middle of the sea, and the legendary history emerged new heights as well as in the history of the motion picture. I am not gonna rate the film based on its story and characters development, as I think 300: Rise of an Empire (2014) is a highly creative work.

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Lose, but do not loose yourself in sales!

There are so many real life lessons, stories to believe unbelievable. Those are the stories people remember that printed on the papers. Like, a hero does regular thing in irregular way. Hope all of you got the point, what I am trying to say.

It is very simple. Suppose you want to get noticed then you have to do something that people do not able to do. As example, in sales for a XYZ company, suppose a guy is selling the maximum number of SKUs get noticed by the top management easily. They become icons who are taking risks to gain.

Risk is there if you are fighting against your will. Do not fight yourself. Learn to express yourself open and clear. I learned many things in my marketing career. Marketing is an art, involved in copywriting and designing that produce best brands. A new product becomes popular only by creative ideas. There is no particular formula to get result for similar brands, you have to learn mix up all ideas in your own way.

Build yourself like Batman

Build yourself like Batman

Scientific formula by following some regular repetitive tasks is not good for a long term sustainable product, as well as for the company. It produces less results. From my past experience in a telematics company, based out of Bangalore, I found it was horrible, the top management were pushing the sales team to an extreme level. It was a mental harassment and torture. Do you thing that produce good result for that company? What happens, they remain in the shadows, mostly depending on the existing clients. No progress for the last three years.

In product based market, keep updating the technology is very important. No company can sale a single product for lifetime. Even the product is really good. Standing in the cloud and lightning like a thunder does not happen in the business world.

Also a suggestion to all sales professionals is, do not become frustrated suppose you are not able to produce expected result. You should first learn the defects in the product. Then it will be easy to face your customers.

Guest Post: The Cat – A Flash Fiction by Colette Ni Reamonn Ioannidou

It arrived when Lechka fell ill; it came and sat on her bed. Her face cracked like the surface of an iced lake splitting apart with the first rays of sunlight after a long winter as she laughed wryly and said,

“It’s time.”

The yellow eyes gleamed as she spoke to it using her own language that we didn’t understand. She had come from the high mountains one dark day as a fierce wind snarled around the houses like a beast seeking meat. We thought she was a refugee, for there were others who had come escaping the war.

Life improved with her coming; we began to look on her as a blessing. She never spoke our tongue, but we understood each other. We reckoned she had suffered greatly in the war and did not wish to speak about it. She had the power to heal, and soon, people from other villages came to visit her. This brought prosperity. Yet we knew as much about Lechka the day she fell ill, as we did to start with.

The Cat  Photographed by Vikram Roy © Copyright 2014

The Cat, Photographed by Vikram Roy © Copyright 2014

I liked cats but that cat would not let me touch him. He hissed if I tried.

“Don’t go near him, child.” Lechka said, “He’s a tool of the Devil.”

She had used my language for the first time.

“He has come for my soul.” She wept, and told me why. When she escaped captivity from soldiers who were brutally using her, she had found us by sheer chance having no idea where she was. The generosity shown her in a village so obviously struck by poverty had overwhelmed her.

“Such kindness; how was I to repay it? I made a pact…”

I told her gently that love is the greatest richness anyone can share and that, as she had learned, we were a people who valued love above wealth. She had done what she thought was the right thing – to make us rich. We still shared our riches; it was our way, and I was not prepared to let her sacrifice on our behalf enrich the damned of hell.

I sat by Lechka and prayed to my bothers in heaven. As I prayed the cat became agitated. I knew the substances capable of undoing evil, but to obliterate a pact, I needed more. It was Michael, my namesake, who came. His light filled the room, it blinded the cat. A ray from his finger roasted it. He lifted Lechka in his arms and the power of his wings chilled me as he rose with her. I shouted my thanks.

Our village is called Place of The Guardians. We made our own pact with the angels long ago to foster goodness, and they always come when we call them.  I wish Lechka had spoken earlier, learned why all the boys were given the names of angels. She could have asked for a miracle instead of a pact with evil that almost ended in the loss of her soul.

About Colette Ni Reamonn Ioannidou:

Colette Ni Reamonn Ioannidou

Colette Ni Reamonn Ioannidou © Copyright Armida Publications

“Life is all go, isn’t it?”
Colette is an Irish woman who has lived most of her life in Cyprus.
Her first ‘published’ work was four short stories about Cyprus that were broadcast by the BBC World Service.
When her husband died aged 34, she had two young children, a son and a daughter to bring up. She worked, at times, doing three jobs and when she could, she wrote. The good thing about that was that she could do it from home and be there for the children.
She did articles/features for local newspapers and the Cyprus Airline Magazine. She was offered a job doing practically everything on (English language) radio (which she absolutely loved) at the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation. From there she was offered a spot reading TV news, doing interviews etc. Working at the CyBC gave her a lot of news skills plus she learned how to work on video scripts, which was a very useful thing.
She contribute to an art and culture quarterly here in Cyprus called In Focus. Last year she produced a comedy based on Cyprus’ current financial problems at a local theatre. She has just completed the script for another. She had two books of short stories on Amazon, TO DIE OR NOT TO DIE and TO LIVE OR NOT TO LIVE.
She is currently working on a novel based in Ireland about a group of young women. Her editor Miriam Pirolo, come back in Berlin, has agreed to edit it for her.