Top 10 Villains in MARVEL Contest of Champions!

This post is a part of the series that I am featuring in my blog on Marvel Contest of Champions, the best mobile game of the year 2015. Marvel and Kabam had released MCOC on December 10, 2014. At the beginning, there were very few villains. Today, we have a dozen villains and I certainly picked up top 10 from them. These villains are invulnerable to control the game. When they team up they become stronger and invincible.

The Maestro, Thanos, and Kang the Conqueror, they are non-playable villains in the MCOC. I am following the A-Z sequence of the top ten playable Villains below.

A – Abomination (Emil Blonsky): 

“The Abomination is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in Tales to Astonish #90, and was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Gil Kane, to be the rival of the Hulk.” – Wikipedia

In MCOC, Abomination is an unconquerable champion he has almost all the powers of the Hulk, in addition, he poisons the opponent once gets duplicated from the Crystals.


Screenshot: The Abomination, Contest of Champions

E – Electro (Maxwell “Max” Dillon):

“Electro is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. An enemy of Spider-Man, he gained the ability to control electricity after being struck by lightning while working on a power line.” – Wikipedia

Electro is one of the top powerful villains in MCOC. He got powers to set up deadly electrical shocks and nullify the opponent.

I – Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn): Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) created the Iron Patriot armor and building a super villain team named Dark Avengers. He is a rival of Spider-man.

He has power mix of Iron Man and Black Bolt. He is dangerous and useful to win the game.

J – Joe Fixit (The Grey Hulk): The grey gamma-powered brute businessman from Las Vegas. He is a tough guy, loves money, women and gambling. A bad incarnation of the Hulk.

He has two Tommy Guns in his hands. Being a super criminal, he is ruthless to win over his foe.


Screenshot: Joe Fixit, Marvel Contest of Champions

J – Juggernaut (Cain Marko): A fictional supervillain first appeared in X-Men #12 (July 1965), was created by writer Stan Lee and artist/co-writer Jack Kirby.

He is Unstoppable. In Contest of Champions, he is a Mystic Class champion. Once he gets duplicated his unstoppable Ability Awakens. No Cosmic power can defeat him in the battle.


Screenshot: Juggernaut, Contest of Champions

M – Magneto (Max Eisenhardt alias “Erik Lehnsherr”): He is the archenemy of the X-Men, a manipulator and a supervillain.

Magneto controls metal. In MCOC, he can control his challengers, makes them weaker and slower. He is a powerful champion for a summoner’s collection.


Screenshot: Magneto, Contest of Champions

R – Ronan: Ronan is a supervillain and the leader of the fictional alien race, Kree. He is a game changer in the Contest of Champions. He can stun, nullify and slow down his foe and knock them out quite easily.

U – Ultron Prime: A tech made (AI) Artificial Intelligence robot, Ultron Prime is destructive. He is a phonysupervillain. During the play, he can regenerate health up to 40% which makes him invincible.

V – Venom: Venom is an alien Symbiote. He is a major antagonist of the Spider-man and a true villain in nature. He is a Cosmic Class champion and possesses limitless energy and power. He looks terrifying because of his long red tongue.

Y – Yellowjacket (Darren Cross): A mad scientist and war monger, Darren invented a supervillain suit based on the formula, earlier which was partly applied to create Ant-man suit by Doctor Hank Pym.

He has the power sting ability. If he succeeds to sting properly during the contest then it’s a suicidal trap for a foe. Play carefully against the Yellowjacket.



Top 10 Champions Based on Costume Art in MARVEL Contest of Champions.

This article is a part of the five posts series that I am featuring on MARVEL Contest of Champions mobile game. You can read my earlier posts to get more information.

Today I have selected top 10 Champions from MCOC based on their unique Champion Costumes.

Kabam game artists have been done very well research on MARVEL Champions to develop their costumes precisely based on Marvel Comic Book and Marvel Cinematic Universe. I believe, Kabam MCOC Game Designers Dominic O’Grady and Justin Ostensen and Art Director Gabriel Frizzera are doing great justification to shape all the Champion Costumes.

Coming to the top notch list of the Champions based on their Costumes in MCOC. Mostly they look as same as the original Marvel characters, for example, Spider-man, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk etc. In rare cases, Kabam MCOC team has replaced their classic costumes and brilliantly put the new costumes.

Here I am following the dictionary A-Z sequence of the top 10 Champions based on their Costumes in Marvel Contest of Champions.

B – Black Panther (T’Challa): T’Challa, prince of Wakanda known as the Black Panther has been designed very elegant in MCOC. His costume art is one of the top game art, there is no doubt. Especially when he uses his power attacks, his vibranium panther claws shine purple which looks pretty neat. As a Skill Class Champion, his costume is tight to the skin that builds a perfect balance. His costume matches 100% to his origin.


Screenshot: The Black Panther MARVEL Contest of Champions

C – Cyclops (Scott Summers): Being a powerful Mutant champion Cyclops’s cross-eyed “X” X-men signature red costume gave him a valour and rich look. The skin-tight red outfit marks him always ready for the battle.

Kabam introducing many characters from Marvel Cinematic Universe. During Avengers Age of Ultron premiere in 2015 Kabam had been released Ultron Prime, Black Widow, and The Vision. Likewise, when Ant-man movie was released we found Ant-man and Yellow Jacket in the game. From Marvel Netflix popular TV series we found Luke-Cage and Daredevil Netflix.

D – Daredevil Netflix: Before introducing Daredevil Netflix, Kabam had released Daredevil Classic red costume champion in MCOC. When the new Daredevil Netflix Champion unleashed our alliance members were very excited to collect him.

D – Doctor Strange (Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange):  Doctor Strange serves the Sorcerer Supreme, the character first appeared in Marvel Comic series Strange Tales #110 (July 1963). In India, I never noticed Doctor Strange comic book in the comic book stalls.

Coming to the costume, in MCOC Doctor Strange’s costume art is one of the rare and unique. He looks incredible in his loose-fitting costume and at his back, the magical Eye of Agamotto cape looks elegant.

I – Iron Fist (Daniel “Danny” Rand): A combination of shiny green and gold colour costume fitted Iron Fist very nicely. His costume emphasises his character in the game and enlightened his Mystic origin.

M – The Moon Knight (Marc Spector): The name, Moon Knight has been fairly explained by his dramatic costume. Certainly the game Art Director, Gabriel Frizzera had given a great effort to develop this champion. His warrior costume with an unbendable silver rod in his hand given him an ideal Five Star champion look.

S – Spider-Man (Peter Parker): Who can beat Peter Parker’s Spider-man Classic Champion Costume? In MCOC, game developers did a detailed work on developing the spectacular Bug-eyed Spider-man’s costume. Spider-man is an elegant collection of The Collector (Taneleer Tivan) and so does a jewel in a Summoner’s team.

S – Star-Lord (Peter Quill): Among Guardians of Galaxy members I picked Star-Lord for his fashionable outfit in MCOC. His costume is bizarre.

T – Thor Jane (Jane Foster): Albeit I like both Thor and Thor-Jane Costume Art in MCOC but my personal opinion Doctor Jane Foster looks better for her feminine mystical features. She is strong, elegant, valour and proven herself worthy of swing the mighty hammer Mjölnir.

W – Wolverine (Logan): If you are a regular player of Marvel Contest of Champions then you may be knowing that 4th February 2016 Kabam had unleashed Old Man Logan, Wolverine’s Older Ego character. The Old Man Logan costume is unique for a champion because he dresses like an ordinary old man.

The classic Wolverine’s yellow beast costume which looks knitted very carefully at the beginning of Contest of Champions.


Screenshot: Wolverine Contest of Champions

Kabam releasing new champions almost every fortnight. Hope we will discover many fashionable champion “Costume Art” in the future.

In the next post, I will be featuring top ten Villains in the game Marvel Contest of Champions. Till then good bye and enjoy reading.



Top 10 Strong Women Champions in MARVEL Contest of Champions!

I aimed to write a series of five posts about the major champions and their different features in MARVEL Contest of Champions. Till date, Kabam has been released 11 powerful MARVEL women champions in the “Contest of Champions. All of these characters are nicely developed with their skills and additional powers. Some of them are so strong that they can alone take care of all the enemies in a quest. Also, some of them become invincible once they are duplicated from crystals and their hidden power “ability awaken”.

So far from my experience, Strom and Gamora are the top women champions in MCOC. I am following a dictionary A-Z sequence here,

BBlack Widow (Natalia “Natasha” Romanoff): In MCOC Black Widow holds a top position among the Skill Champions. She has combat skills and using her skills she gets bonus Class Benefit over Science Champions. She aims exact attack, calculated balance which produces massive damage to the opponents. From her three special Power Attacks, my personal favourite is the third Power Attack which decreases almost 45% health to the opponent.



The Black Widow from Contest of Champions Screenshot

C – Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers): Captain Marvel is one of the first few characters when MCOC began. She belongs to the Cosmic Champion Class and she gets the advantage when fighting Tech Champions.

“Captain Marvel’s abilities focus on flying headfirst into battle with a direct attack that hits hard and stuns enemies. However, her other ability absorbs enemy attacks that help power up Carol’s devastating Photonic Blasts to not only damage the enemy but to destroy their defence tiles as well!” – Josh Austin, D3 Go! Producer on “Marvel Puzzle Quest”

E – Elektra Natchios: A powerful Skill Champion using her Shurikens and Katana strikes. She uses sharp knives and takes down the opponents. Her attack sinks them to bleed and ensure the win. She can produce a massive critical damage with her Third Power Attack in the game.

G – Gamora: Being aGuardians of the Galaxy” member Gamora is a Cosmic Champion. She has a Class Benefit against Tech Champions but weak to Mystic Champions. Once Gamora gets duplicated and her signature ability awakens she can reach up to the God Slyer rank up and “knock out” her foes making an 86% critical health damage attack that sinks them to bleed.


G – Guillotine (Jeannine Sauvage): “Do I guide the blade, or does it guide me?” – Guillotine Motion Comic

She is a Mystic Champion in MCOC, Guillotine gets advantage fights against powerful Cosmic Champions. She is weak in fighting against Science Champions. Other Champions may feel very jealous because still date I felt her game art is the unique among all champions.

“Her signature ability allows her a chance to steal life from her foes with each strike. The amount she steals is tied to the amount of souls she fed into her ancestral blade.” – Kabam Game Designers Justin Ostensen


Screenshot from Guillotine’s third power attack.

M – Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers’ classic costume): Carol Danvers during the Kree alien invasion, the original Captain Marvel had gifted her the cosmic power. She first appeared as Ms. Marvel which eventually lead her today’s Captain Marvel. In MCOC Ms. Marvel character is a powerful girl with unique attacking styles. Though Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel are same characters but they are identical with their powers and combat styles.

A week ago I found her from a Premium Hero Crystal and started gameplay where I found her impressive in the second and third power attacks.

S – The Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff): A Mystic Champion with magic powers. Scarlet Witch is powerful against the Cosmic Class opponents and she is weak against the Science Class Champions. I found her very magical during the gameplay using her spell attacks. She can regenerate her health once duplicated.

During a fight with a similar health status Cosmic Champion like Venom, Thor, Ronan, Gamora, Ms. Marvel etc. she can win the game easily making massive health damage to the opponents.

S – Spider-Gwen (Gwen Stacy): Earth-65, an alternate Earth where fighting with Green Goblin Spider-man died. Gwen-Stacy was bitten by a radio-active spider and continued the Spider-man legacy. In MCOC Spider-Gwen has better sixth-sense ability than the Spider-man. She is fast, flexible, and strong. I still not having her in my team but during a special Story Quest play “Arachnid Action”, I found her worthy web-warrior.

S – Strom (Ororo Munroe): The strongest woman champion in Contest of Champion. Still date comparing to all women champions in MCOC there is no one like her. Even if I have given an opportunity to select my top five characters to play a difficult quest level, I will always select her first in my team.

Strom got massive attack powers, her all three special power attacks are damaging. No matter what she wins at every arena. I think in the game only Iron-Man has the storm protection armour which protects him. Otherwise, all characters are compromised in fear of the Strom.

T – Thor-Female (Jane Foster): Another supreme woman character in MCOC. She belongs to Mystic Class which means she is powerful against the Cosmic Class Champions and weak against the Science Champions.

Only worthy one can pick Thor’s hammer because the hammer chooses it’s mighty Champion. Jane Foster is fearless, honest and strong, she is very well fitted in her character. A perfect pick for the Collector in Marvel Contest of Champions.

Kabam introduces new champions in their regular game update. I hope in the future we will be lucky to experience more strong Marvel women champions in the contest.

The Game of the Year (2015): MARVEL Contest of Champions!

Marvel and Kabam released Contest of Champions in December 2014. I started playing since January 2015. Within six months Google Play rewarded Editor’s Choice badge to this game. Very few apps in my notice hit Editor’s Choice badge in a short time.


Contest of Champions Online PvP 3 vs. 3 Arena Game Play

The best part of MARVEL Contest of Champions is the UI (User interface). Kabam game developers have designed accurate game art of each MARVEL characters. Each part of this game is mathematics. During the play, I never found any miss calculation in power break, special attack, damage done, duplicate hero power awakening and the story quest designs.

Commencing the online game paly experience, a minimum Wifi internet connection and a game supported smartphone or tablet is required to play Contest of Champions. You can download the game from or iOS – App stores. The app is free of cost.

The game has an Alliance group facility which is a great advantage to a summoner to get valuable game points. An alliance group is limited to 30 members and all group members get a common Alliance Chat Room. The game has a Global Chat Room facility, and personal friend requests sending facility as well.


Screenshot: A Quest Map in Contest of Champions.

An interesting fact about MARVEL Contest of Champions is the mystery crystals. There are Daily Crystal, Alliance Crystal, Battle Chip Arena Crystal, Premium Hero Crystal, 3* Hero Crystal, 4* Hero Crystal, 5* Hero Crystal and many other surprising colourful crystals. Like me, I guess all players get attracted by those beautiful crystals in their daily game play habit.


Surprise Inside all Crystals

Contest of Champions is an adorable, incredible, and mesmerising game. In my opinion, this game is very similar to Karate Rank System. You can rank up a champion using ISO8, catalysts, and gold units that earned during the gameplay. There are six types of champion classes in the game: Science, Tech, Mystic, Skill, Mutant and Cosmic. Each type gets class benefits and disadvantages in the epic battles.

Kabam developers do regular updates in the game. I can remember a year ago when I first time played Contest of Champions was different than today. I like most part of this game except one thing which I do not like is the similar champion with different costumes, example: Daredevil Netflix and Marvel Daredevil or Vision and Age of Ultron Vision. Because they are not different champions, they are same characters only in different costumes which do not make any sense to me.

Always love!